Drone Search and Rescue

Did you know 4 people died from drowning in Far Rockaway Beaches in July 2019!

Help Drone Ninja Search & Rescue find these people in the water and save lives.

Drones are effective tools being used in the world to help find missing people every day.

Help us bring this technology to NYC and increase the chances of survival today.


A search and rescue drone is an unmanned aircraft used by emergency services, such as police officers, firefighters or volunteer rescue teams, ideal for searching over vast areas for missing persons and crime victims in need of rescue and in any environment.

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) can provide real-time visual information and data in the aftermath of an earthquake or hurricane. They can also become an eye in the sky to locate a lost person in the mountain for example.

When a disaster or incident threatens lives and livelihoods, emergency responders need information and real-time imagery in order to make better decisions and save time. UAVs can provide situational awareness over a large area quickly, reducing the time and the number of searchers required to locate and rescue an injured or lost person, greatly reducing the cost and risks of search and rescue missions. The possibilities for helping ensure public safety are endless.


15-year-old missing in waters off Rockaway Beach


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