Inspection, Detection and Data Services for Land and OffShore Oil Platforms.  ​

At Drone Ninja LLC, our drone aerial inspection, detection and surveillance services are performed by our experienced team of USA Certified FAA Part 107 Licensed Drone Pilots. Our services offers your company multiple on-the spot detailed visual imaging and mapping of both land and Offshore oil pumps, rigs, stations, buildings and roofing to locations that may not be accessible to humans.

Our Inspection and Data services include:

.Rig Legs at sea water level  

.Under deck  

.Flairs, Flair Boom & Release valves (No shutdown required)

.Heat shields & Supporting Structures

.Time series analysis/ rate of change of a problem or wear and tear over time

.3D Mapping



.Paper and portal reports for accessing and viewing deliverables.

Coming soon: Gas Detection and Laser Measurements Technology.


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