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Is the DJI Mavic Air Drone Worth your Hard Earned Money $799?

Updated: Jun 3, 2019

On Tuesday January 23rd one of the biggest drone manufacturers DJI announced their latest Mavic drone called the DJI Mavic Air.

dji mavic air

The new drone has get it? Yes sparked tons of mixed emotions and reviews among current DJI Spark owners, because some of them from what i have gathered, either wished the new drone was called the Spark Pro or Spark Air and some Spark owners believed that this should have been the original Spark or if they knew that DJI was planning to release the Mavic Air so soon they would have waited to get the Mavic Air instead of the Spark because of the hardware improvements like the 3 Axis Gimbal vs the DJI Spark's 2 axis Gimbal. Also the increased flight time of 21 minutes that DJI claims on the Mavic Air vs the 16 minutes claimed flight time of the DJI Spark, in addition the Mavic Air also has rear obstacle avoidance with new software recognition built in called APAS (Advanced Pilot Assistance System) which detects obstructions around it in real time thus allowing the Mavic Air drone to fly around any obstructions. Wait there is more, Spark's range is approximately 1.23 miles (2km) while the new Mavic Air can fly up to 4 miles (6.4km). Spark's camera shoots in 1080p, Mavic Air's camera shoots up to 4k @30fps. Did i mention that Mavic Air has new smart shots called Boomerang, Asteroid and it also takes 8 second Sphere panorama photos at 32MP. Let's keep going with 8GB of built in storage just in case you forget to walk with your SD card. More? Ok Mavic Air also has the ability to select up to 16 moving people to Active Track/ Follow just by tapping on the subjects you want to follow on you screen, no need to draw a green outline box over the subjects anymore. This DJI Mavic Air has all the smart capture gestures that the Spark comes with and more. Most importantly and my personal favorite feature of all is the compact size and fold ability of the Mavic Air which makes this drone the most powerful and fully loaded compact foldable drone in it's size (168* 838* 49mm L*W*H folded) and weight class (430g) available today.

The specs and capabilities of the DJI Mavic Air definitely makes the DJI SPARK (see pic) look like the little brother all day. There is no comparison or is there?

Well not so fast Mr Mavic Air, let's compare prices, Mavic Air basic $799 vs Spark basic $399. Mavic Air Fly more combo $999 vs Spark fly more combo $599.

A whooping $400 price difference any way you decide to buy it. So to sum things up, Is the DJI Mavic Air Drone Worth your Hard Earned Money?

If you are new to drones, Yes and No.

Yes if you can afford it at $799 because most DJI drones in my opinion are simple to fly right out the box and don't require maintenance, so buy what you can afford.

No if A) money is tight B) You are not sure if you will be into drones and you just want to get a feel first to see if it it? Sparks your interest.

I hope this Article helps you to make an informed decision that works best for you.

Now stick around if you own or if you plan to own a Dji Mavic Pro or Platinum Drone when the DJI Mavic Air was released!

The Mavic Pro is DJI's best selling drone right now and is arguably the best portable drone on the planet. This foldable Quad is a Aerial hobbyist dream drone and a must have in 2017.

But is the New Mavic Air better than the Mavic Pro?

First things first, Mavic Pro retails for $999 vs Mavic Air retails for $799. So if you are looking at the price and thinking the Pro has more features and capabilities because it cost more, well Yes and No.

Yes the Mavic Pro has more Range (4 miles/ 6.4km) and a longer battery life at 30 minutes approximately vs the Mavic Air's Range of 2 miles/ 3.2km and battery life of 21 minutes approximately. But guess what? That isn't the only two advantages of the Mavic Pro over the Mavic Air. In all the other categorizes like obstacle avoidance, active tracking, speed, camera quality, smart shots and portability, the Mavic Air takes the cake! Plus i must mention the anticipation of the Autel Evo portable, folding drone that was shown at CES 2018. Yes this Evo drone is priced at $999 and boasta to have a 4K camera that is capable of recording at 60fps and if this drone launches in the market predicted late February, early March.(Don't quote me on that)

This Autel Evo Drone could shake thing up for the drone giant DJI. So with all this going on now and also what's poised to come soon, the question again remains: Which drone do you put your hard earned money into?

To answer this question, i made a video that will help you to know which drone is best for you and your needs. Watch:

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